Brothers stabbed with knife during drinking spree with friends 


A drinking spree between two (2) brothers and their friends took a turn for the worse when one (1) of their drinking buddies ended up in an argument with a male who stabbed one of of brothers to his chest with a knife, then stabbed his 21-year-old sibling to his right hand before making his escape.

 The injured siblings have been identified as 28-year-old Vijai Raganath and his brother Ajai Raganath.

HGP Nightly News understands that the incident took place around 21: 10h on Sunday (yesterday) at Second Street, Mibikuri East Corentyne Berbice.

According to a police statement, the older sibling was attempting resolve the issue between his friend and the suspect when he was allegedly stabbed to his left chest with a knife by the suspect.

“His brother Ajai was subsequently stabbed to his right hand during a confrontation with the suspect following his attack.Both victims were rushed to the Mibikuri Public Hospital where they are currently admitted, receiving treatment. No arrest has been made thus far, Investigations are ongoing.”


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