• Warns of legal action if inefficiencies not addressed


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has threatened the City Municipality with legal action, citing the mismanagement of solid waste at major city markets.
The agency issued a warning to the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) indicating that they will face the legal consequences for what the agency sees as six inefficiencies occurring at markets around the city.

The missive, which was addressed to the Council’s Town Clerk Carol Sooba, stated that the EPA – through its Litter Enforcement Unit – has been investigating what the letter described as the “indiscriminate dumping and inadequate collection and disposal of solid and other Waste at the Stabroek Market, Bourda Market, and in the vicinity of Merriman’s Mall, Orange Walk , North Road and East La Penitence Market.”

The body noted that its most recent investigations, which were conducted on November 17 and 18 at Bourda and Stabroek Markets, revealed that the locations were littered with large amounts of organic waste, and were unsightly, and pose serious detriment to the amenities of the surrounding public space and neighbourhood. The EPA claimed that there were no working and/or adequate infrastructure such as bins and working compactors to allow vendors to dispose of their waste properly.

“Failure to comply with this order and its terms and conditions within seven days of receipt of this notice, will result in legal action being taken against the Council by the Agency.” The letter stated. EPA says it will be monitoring the various locations to verify compliance with this notice.


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