Ex-con gets life sentence for killing ‘Saga’


Ex-con Aubrey Bobb, one of the two accused in the 2017 murder of D’Urban Street businessman Godfrey Scipio, called ‘Saga,’ was sentenced to life imprisonment on Friday.

The sentence was handed down at the Demerara High Court by Justice Jo-Ann Barlow, who ordered that Bobb be eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 30 years.

31-year-old Bobb of Kitty, Georgetown, earlier this month admitted that on October 12, 2017, at David Street, Kitty, Georgetown, he murdered 58-year-old Scipio during the course/furtherance of a robbery.

Attorney-at-Law Teriq Mohammed represented Bobb, while State Counsels Latifiah Elliot, Marisa Edwards, and Simran Gajraj represented the prosecution.

Following an investigation, the Police charged Bobb and Police Corporal Derwin Eastman with the pensioner’s murder. Corporal Eastman is on remand awaiting trial at the Demerara High Court.
It was reported that Scipio, of D’Urban Street, Wortmanville, was shot in the chest as he was leaving a city hotel. He succumbed at the Woodlands Hospital.

Bobb was then nabbed at his William Street, Kitty, Georgetown home, which is located a few buildings away from where the killing occurred.

It was reported that CCTV footage of the attack helped investigators to identify and track Bobb down.

Reports are that Bobb told detectives that he was in the area and saw Scipio, who was wearing a gold chain, enter the hotel. It was also reported that when Scipio exited the hotel, Bobb accosted the businessman, shot him, and robbed him of his gold chain.

After Bobb was charged with Scipio’s murder, he implicated Corporal Eastman, a former ‘Best Cop’ for Police ‘A’ Division, and former Police Constable Jameson Williams.

Bobb allegedly told ranks that Corporal Eastman provided him with the gun to shoot Scipio.
Williams, who was also charged with Scipio’s murder, was discharged last year at the end of a Preliminary Inquiry after a Magistrate found that there was not sufficient evidence to commit him to stand trial at the High Court.


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