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Govt’s discrimination evident in small business cash grant distribution – Fmr. G/T Mayor


The recent distribution of the Small Business Cash Grant scheme by the PPP government has triggered widespread criticism due to the apparent favoritism displayed towards individuals associated with the party. Reports suggest that a staggering 95% of the recipients were either PPP family members, friends, and PPP party councillors. Regrettably, this lopsided allocation only serves to deepen divisions within Guyana, tarnishing the government’s credibility and stifling the growth of small businesses.

Selective Distribution Reveals Disconcerting Patterns

The blatant discrimination in the distribution patterns of the Small Business Cash Grant has raised eyebrows across the nation. The perception that only individuals with affiliations to the ruling PPP party received the grants severely undermines the government’s claims of promoting fair and equal opportunities for all Guyanese citizens. A government that pledges to unite the country should not be perpetuating such divisive practices.

Neglecting Deserving Applicants

Numerous reports have emerged highlighting the struggles of individuals who were not fortunate enough to be associated with the PPP and subsequently missed out on receiving the Small Business Cash Grant. These individuals possess the same entrepreneurial spirit and contribute equally to the country’s economic development. By overlooking deserving applicants based on political alignments, the PPP government is effectively punishing those who dare to support a different ideology, thereby dismantling the foundation of a democratic society.

A Divided Guyana: A Threat to Progress

The ongoing discriminatory practices employed by the PPP government with regards to the Small Business Cash Grant are furthering the divisions within the Guyanese society. Instead of fostering an environment of unity and collaboration, the government’s actions are exacerbating existing fault lines and preventing communities from further integrating and working together for the nation’s progress.

It is essential to remember that small businesses across the country are the backbone of the economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the country’s overall welfare. By denying these resources to deserving individuals based on political affiliation, the government is undermining the growth potential of countless small businesses, setting them up for failure instead of fostering their growth.

The Need for Transparency and Accountability

To restore trust in the system and dispel allegations of discrimination in the distribution of the Small Business Cash Grant, it is imperative that the PPP government engages in transparent and accountable practices. By providing unbiased information regarding the allocation process and ensuring that future grants are awarded solely based on merit, the government has an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the equitable development of the country.


The PPP government’s recent distribution of the Small Business Cash Grant has showcased an unnerving display of discrimination and favoritism. By reserving the majority of grants for individuals affiliated with the party, the government is perpetuating divisions within the society, hindering the progress of small businesses, and eroding the country’s democratic principles. It is high time that the PPP government puts aside its partisan interests and focuses on uniting Guyana by enacting fair and inclusive policies that benefit all citizens, irrespective of their political affiliations.

Pt.Ubraj Narine, JP, COA

Former Mayor

City of Georgetown



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