GPF claims to be a community-minded Law Enforcement body


Cognisant of a statement purportedly made by the Opposition APNU+AFC Coalition and publicised on the online HPG Nightly News in relation to the fatal shooting of Kevin Andries by the police, from the outset the Guyana Police Force categorically refutes the statements mentioned of “a pattern of police ranks killing civilians” and “that there is something sinister afoot.”

The Guyana Police Force resolutely remains a community-minded Law Enforcement body that conducts its role and responsibility in a professional and lawful manner, in keeping with its mandate of maintaining public safety and security. The Police Force pellucidly states that it has no agenda or aim to wantonly kill citizens as is implied by the Opposition Coalition’s references to “what appears to be the new norm of the Guyana Police Force to kill citizens” and “extra-judicial killings” in their statement.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of Orin Boston at Dartmouth, Essequibo, is still in progress.

In relation to the fatal shooting of Kevin Andries, the Guyana Police Force denies the allegation that he was shot and killed while being handcuffed. On the contrary, the Police Force wishes to clarify that at no stage during the incident involving Kevin Andries – from the time of the pursuit of the vehicle at Diamond, EBD, to his admission to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre – was he placed in handcuffs.

In efforts to apprehend persons who have or are suspected to have breached the law, members of the Force are guided by the principle of “The Use of Force” that is steadfastly adhered to. In situations where ranks come under gunfire during such efforts they will, as a consequence, return fire.


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