Infrastructure works progressing as planned in new Lethem Housing Scheme


Infrastructure works to the tune of $540 M at the new Lethem Track ‘A’ housing scheme, (Poke Bridge) are progressing as planned.

Minister of Housing and Water, the Collin D Croal visited the area along with the contractors and Mayor, John Macedo.

The ongoing works include access roads, drainage and culverts.
The Minister noted his satisfaction with the pace at which works are progressing despite the minor setbacks, as a result of the current rainy season.

He added that this development is a welcomed one since the town of Lethem had been starved of housing development for several years.

Upon completion of the scheme, more than 700 residential lands will be available for allocation. Already more than 350 persons have been allocated and have begun processing their ownership documents.

“We are proud of this development and it has a lot of potential in addition, this scheme is more than sufficient to meet the housing demand in this region.”

If all goes according to plan, allottees will be able to commence construction by the end of this year.

(Ministry of Housing and Water)


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