Linden Man who wounded wife slapped with Attempted Murder Charge, Remanded to Prison


Forty-four-year-old Micheal Hercules of lot 2964 Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden appeared before Magistrate Wanda Fortune via Zoom on Tuesday and was charged with the offence of Attempt to Commit Murder committed on Latoya Hercules.

He was not required to plea and was remanded to prison until 2022-05-03.

According to the police report, the incident occurred on 2022-03-20 at Buck Town Christiansburg, Wismar Linden.

It was said that the couple were at the time in a motorcar driven by the Hercules when an argument ensued. Hercules subsequently drove and stopped the car at Buck Town, and as they both exited he went into the car trunk, took out a kitchen knife and ordered the victim back into the car where the argument continued. During the argument, the suspect allegedly inflicted a wound to his 42-year-old wife’s chest, one to her lower right foot and to her fingers before escaping.

The woman made contact with relatives who went to the area and rescued her. She was taken to the Linden Hospital Complex where she was seen and examined by the doctor on duty and treated for her injuries.


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