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Residents lament Recht Door Zee Phase II roads

“Tired and frustrated” are the emotions residents of Recht Door Zee Phases II in Region 3 (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) are experiencing over the condition of their roadways.

One resident told Nightly News that the large potholes often make the roads impassable when it rains. She said that walking in the corner of the roads, which always has large bushes is not a safe option for passersby either due to the reported presence of snakes.

They have resorted to making a makeshift drainage system, with hopes that the water will drain off faster.

However, they are calling on the government or local authorities to do an assessment of the area, and fix the roads as quickly as possible.

The resident told this newscast that a few weeks ago road works was ongoing in Recht Door Zee Phases I and III. However, she claimed there was no move to begin doing any rehabilitation works in her area of residence.

The frustrated woman claimed that she approached one of the contractors and questioned when roadworks will begin in Phase II but was told he had no idea.

“He showed me a map of where they have plotted out for roads to be done and he said that our phase is not in map for now and he don’t know when. He said that the contract is for this year and ours is not included. Mind you we have been living here for ten years and this is how it is”



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