Seven airlines seeking to operate in Guyana


With an expected oil boom on the horizon, there are high expectations that more non-nationals are going to invest in Guyana. That’s why it should be no surprise that seven airlines are interested in setting up shop in the country despite the small size of the population.

Those sentiments are being echoed by Acting Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Chaitrani Heeralall.

Heeralall said in a Department of Public Information news release that seven airlines have showed interest in operating here.

They are FlyAllWays, InterCaribbean Airways, One Caribbean Limited, Jetair Caribbean, Skybus Airlines, Sky High Aviation Services and Guyana Rotorcraft Services Inc.

Heeralall said: “It is going to provide greater airlift capacity for Guyana and despite our population is small, the interest in Guyana now is very high. So, there is going to be high expectations that non-nationals are going to have interest to have investments in Guyana, so that is going to project in the transportation of their personnel back and forth and the airport expansion is going to be supportive of this increase demand.

He added: “What that translate to is that it is going to boost our economy and encourage our social structures to improve meaning there is going to be job creation not only in the aviation sector, but it feeds into other sectors, as we talk about tourism for example, the hospitality sector. The extractive sector is also going to attract more people.”

Guyana’s airports were reopened in October last year.


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