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Sophia vendor allegedly robbed by 8 men and at gunpoint

Glenroy Griffith, a 27-year-old vendor of ‘B’ Field Sophia, East Coast Demerara was allegedly robbed twice in one day. The robberies which occurred in his community, left him without his 16 penny-weight gold chain, and one grey Honjue motorcycle # CL 5439

The chain reportedly valued $176,000 while the motorcycle valued $212,000. 

The armed robbery occurred on Friday between 16:30hrs and 22:00hrs at ‘B’ Field Sophia, allegedly by eight (8) identifiable males of African descent, one of whom was armed with a hand gun. 

Enquiries disclosed that on Friday, Griffith was liming with some friends on a bridge at ‘B’ Field Sophia, opposite the Health Center, when he was approached by a male called ‘Peter’ who is known to him and another male whom he does not know about 16:30hrs.

Peter reportedly dealt him a slap across the face and drew a handgun at him, while simultaneously snatching off the gold chain off his neck. The suspect and the other man then ran away from the scene and make good their escape.

Griffith then went to the Turkeyen Police Station where he made a report and was told to wait on the patrol vehicle to visit the scene, but instead he left and went away. 

Later on Friday, at about 20:30hrs, Griffith was at home on his veranda when he observed the suspect (Peter), the suspect’s brother (whom he knows as well) and about six other men approaching from the northern direction towards his bridge. One of the men who was approaching reportedly drew a handgun and fired several shots in Griffith’s direction, but the victim managed to flee the scene and scaled his neighbour’s fence where he took cover.

 One of the suspects then left with Griffith’s motorcycle # CL 5439 which was parked on the road in front the house, while the others ran off and escaped in an unknown direction. 

Police later visited the scene and also went to a house in ‘A’ Field Sophia where one of the suspects (Peter’s brother) was told of the allegations made. He was then arrested and escorted to the Turkeyen Police Station where he remains in custody. 

Checks were made in the area by the police for the other suspects but they were not found. Several persons in the area, when questioned, stated that they heard loud explosions but did not see anyone. 

Investigation still in progress.



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