It is now a question of where is the police file after a string of charges have been recommended against a Georgetown strip club owner. More details in this report from Javone Vickerie.

The apparent delay by investigators to institute the recommended charges against the Diamond Strip Club owner Freeman Fordyce is raising questions in some quarters. The incident was caught on camera after police swooped down, again on the illegal operation of Fordyce months ago. This video shows that Fordyce resisted a police search, resisted arrest and that he assaulted a senior policeman attached to the CID headquarters at Eve Leary, Inspector Narine. Nightly News was told that the police legal advisor, Justice Claudette Singh had recommended a string of charges against Fordyce, including riotous behavior and assault of a police officer. Nightly News was told that Justice Singh sent back the file to the police since the 22nd of November. The file was reportedly handed over to a senior officer in the CID at the Brickdam police station. To date, nothing is being heard of the file.In fact, several calls made by Nightly News proved that no one could definitively say in whose possession is the file. A source familiar with the investigation related that there seems to be an attempt to cover up the incident given Fordyce’s intricate connections within the force.Fordyce had this to say after the raid on his Nightclub weeks ago.INSERT


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