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Tea Entrepreneur Mark Dalgety Returns to Queen’s College in Guyana: Inspires Students with the Math and Science Behind Brewing Dalgety Teas

Mark Dalgety, the mind behind Dalgety Teas, recently visited his alma mater, Queen’s College in Guyana, where he engaged with students at a Summer Maths Camp. During his session on Maths & Entrepreneurs, Dalgety provided insights into how mathematics plays a crucial role in various processes, including tea production. He delved into subjects like particle size analysis and the absorption rate during tea brewing, illustrating the scientific precision behind making a cup of Dalgety Teas. 

By shedding light on the intersection of mathematics and entrepreneurship, Dalgety’s visit to Queen’s College offered students a unique opportunity to understand how theoretical knowledge translates into practical application, nurturing the next generation of innovators and thinkers.



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