Tripartite committee to reconvene before discussion on national minimum wage


Government is awaiting the reconvening of the National Tripartite Committee (NTC) to advance talks on the national minimum wage increase.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton, M.P, on Wednesday, explained that while the private sector stakeholders have agreed to raising the national minimum wage to $60,000, the NTC has to meet for further discussions.

Minister Hamilton said the Committee is currently dissolved.
“I instructed the Chief Labour Officer to convene the meeting. He informed me that the life of the NTC came to an end not so long ago.

Therefore, I have instructed him to write the parties in the NTC, that is, the private sector entities and the umbrella union representatives,” Minister Hamilton told DPI on Wednesday.

He said when the committee reconvenes and the consultation with stakeholders is complete, the matter will then be taken to cabinet for deliberations.

“They are in agreement that we should conclude this issue about the national minimum wage raise that were agreed to a year -and -a- half ago to raise the national minimum wage to $60,000.”

Since taking office, government has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring private sector employees also benefit from wage increases.

Minister Hamilton had held several engagements with members of the private sector on the matter, however, during that time many persons complained about the negative impacts of COVID-19 on business.

He said government is willing to work with the private sector stakeholders, as the initiative will only enhance the life of Guyanese, which Minister Hamilton noted, is the all-time aim of the administration.


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