Untrained teachers must enroll at CPCE


All untrained teacher must enroll at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). This is on the heels of a memorandum issued on Friday by the Ministry of Education.

All untrained teachers also includes those currently in the system.

The memorandum was signed by Chief Education Officer Dr Marcel Hutson.

Last year Minister of education Priya Manikchand made it clear that before the first term of the PPP/C Government comes to a end, 100 per cent of teachers must be trained or in training.

“There are teachers who are in the system right now that are untrained and we have said to every teacher who is presently teaching in the classroom right now untrained, that each teacher needs to be trained…Our aim is that before the end of this first term is to have 100 per cent trained teachers in the classroom, either trained or in training. We do not any more want a place in Guyana where we’re stagnated at 70 per cent of our teachers trained,” Minister Manickchand stated last year.

The ministry said all untrained teachers can now apply at the appropriate level and programme.


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