After a visit to the West Demerara regional hospital, public health minister, Dr. George Norton is looking to make some changes. Rehana Ahamad reports.

MAY 28,2015


  1. I have a great plan to tackle flooding in Guyana

    In the good year of 2000, I had an audience with Mr. Walter Wills, PPP former Government engineer in the office of the former Minister of Public Works, the Honourable Mr. Anthony Xavier, who was also present in the hearing of my outlined proposals, which were for us to re-introduce the construction of inter-locked, compressed concrete plates revetment and land reclamation alongside distressed sea and riverain/riparian areas in Guyana. Which in addition all drainages in and around Georgetown.
    I had forewarned of consequences of flooding in Region Five, (Abary/Mahaica-Berbice) because the right hand side of the tributary (mouth) of the Abary Creek was blocked up with sea/foreshore bed brown sand.
    I also met with Mr. George Howard, (Chief Sea and River Defence Officer) and his subordinate, Mr. Mahadeo Persaud, respectively at their Kingston-based office relative to the above matter.
    As a Dutch trained, qualified and oriented Hydrological-Engineer in such a capacity (Hydro-concrete, water and civil engineering), my complaints and advice were resented and ignored, by the PPP government in Guyana and as a consequence, not long after I had returned home here in the Netherlands, my native Guyana was under siege by flood water, in 2005, especially in Region Five, of which I had foreseen and forewarned of such grave danger.
    Later, in 2003 and 2005, while Guyana was under the siege of the unprecedented flood water, the statement “this Government was forewarned, prior to this flooding, by a Guyanese Dutch-born Hydrological-Engineer” was debated in Parliament by respective Parliamentarians, whom I have had very close consultations with on such a matter. Refer to many relevant newspaper articles in the Guyana’s medias SN, KN and GC and “acknowledgement letters” of 09-05-2000 and 18-08-2004 from the then Office of the President.
    Today, I am still endeavouring to pursue this course of action and I persist with such similar warnings to our respective and relevant Guyanese officials, outlining and claiming that it is and would be very dangerous and hazardous to once again venture in the dumping of garbage-waste disposal in open atmospheric air at another site adjacent to residential and populated areas.
    I am once again proposing that we harness a portion of the water front land at Grove Village, on the East Bank of Demerara, with the aim of constructing sections of inter-locked, compressed concrete plates revetment in the event of re-cycling (not buried or ducked) ALL garbage-waste disposals.
    I am not an English-oriented intellectual to constantly be writing English texts and project plans, as I was born Dutch in Guyana and my second (English) language expression has been suppressed for more than 30 years.
    I am much more technically skilled with an innate knowledge to embark and to venture on sustainable development in the fields of sea/river defences and garbage-waste disposals, where revenues of such can beneficially and immensely be earned. I hope that our relevant and newly appointed Guyanese officials in the APNU-AFC would summon and grant me an audience in the event of eliminating sea/river defence breaches and to innovate modern technologies in the event of sustainable usages of garbage-waste disposals in this modern 21st. century day and in the days of our civilised world.
    Thus, I proposed for us to set-up a “concrete-based” factory in the advent for manufacturing pre-fabricating compressed concrete products, such as pilings and plates/slabs for revetment and land reclamation, and for Georgetown internal drainages, drainage gutters for internal drainage, solid blocks, tubes for shallow wells, tiles (2-sq. m.), beams, kokers, “L”-shape road edges, etc. purposes.
    The Demerara river can be de-silted, revetment can be installed and water front land can be made available from timehri’s dock to Kingston on the East Bank Demerara. Georgetown can be raised up to 1-meter from its current geographical/hydrological location.
    I will be so proud to return and to serve my country of origin, my beautiful Guyana.

    Rev. Surujlall Motilall
    (Ret. Hydrological Engineer from the Netherlands)


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