The Guyana teachers Union wants the withdrawal of a recent memo which requires teachers to supervise students during their lunch break. It’s totally wrong, the GTU argues.


  1. Why is it wrong for a teacher to supervise student on their lunch brake ?

    Teachers are people yes. They have to eat. But won’t they be having lunch in school like the children.

    Are all the teachers going to want to leave the school compound at lunch time.
    Well then what will become of the hundreds of students for that 1 hour.

    Let’s see they will fight even kill each other and no adult (teacher) will be there to help. To stop the fighting the bullyism.
    That just nonsense.

    I strong believe as a parent and a teacher we should supervise our student during lunch and brake time. FIRSTLY We are being paid for it. SECONDALY yes we may have to leave the school compound on our luck brake but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask another teacher to supervise your class until you return.

    Come one teachers. Some of us just become teachers for the money only. Not because we care about teaching and educating the nation’s children.

    If it the money you want you are in the wrong professions. Go be a doctor or lawyer or something.

    Teacher get paid little. Teacher are responsible for ever child in her class room. AS well as every child in the whole school even òn the road once they wear their school uniform. Their your responsibility.

    Our job is not only to teach maths English science and social studies. We are there to teach so much more . Discipline, sharing, loving, caring, respecting, responsibility for themselves and others.

    Teachers are parents when parents are not there. Teachers are Doctors, lawyers judge jury and executioner, referee and a whole lot more.

    So why are the teacher finding it hard to supervise students on their lunch brake.

    In my opinion the teacher who don’t want to supervise student on their lunch break should resigned from the teaching profession. They are in the wrong job.
    Ever child must be supervise at all time during school hours. We as parents trust teacher to look out for our kids when we are not there to look out for them.


  2. Empty bag can never stand up. If one is hungry one can collapse, your Blood sugar runs low, can cause physical health issues.
    What a crazy senseless thing to do, The GTU shouldn’t have their lunch too and see if they can function effectively!!
    Teachers are very important people, they help to build the future for the children. Being a teacher is very challenging, brain stress. Even Donkeys pull a cart breathes very heavy, needing a break to drink water, much more teachers who uses their vocal cord all day needs to quench their thirst. Please don’t treat our teachers like Jackasses.
    You never heard of any such stupidity anyway around the world.


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