54 year old mechanic nabbed with suspected cocaine during raid, Admits that he sells drugs


A mechanic is now in hot water after Police in Regional Division # 10 during a raid in a known ‘drug block’ located at Rainbow City, MacKenzie Linden was found with 4 grams of suspected cocaine.

According to police headquarters, the bust was made on Tuesday night. Several persons of interest were searched during the drug and gun eradication exercise.

The 54-year-old mechanic of Amelia’s Ward, Linden, was searched and one transparent plastic bag that contained several whitish/creamish substance suspected to be cocaine was found. The man admitted to ranks that he sells cocaine.

He was subsequently arrested and escorted to the MacKenzie Police Station with the suspected cocaine which was weighed in his presence and same amounted to 4 grams. The suspected drug was placed in a self-sealing evidence bag, marked and lodged.

The man is in custody pending charges.

Investigations are going.


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