Man drops motorbike, bags of cannabis and runs away from police

A male motorcyclist who was allegedly in possession of several Ziploc bags containing cannabis seeds, leaves and stems, is now on the run from the cops after dropping his motorbike and the bags of narcotics on the roadway while making good his escape on foot.

According to a police statement, on Friday (yesterday), the “identifiable” male had been riding a red and black motorcycle with white stripes, in the Beterverwagting village, East Coast Demerara (ECD) when ranks of Police Regional Division Four “C” ventured into the area.

“On seeing the police he dropped the motorcycle, ran and made good his escape. A search was conducted on the motor cycle and a number of transparent Ziploc bags which contained a quantity of seeds, leaves and stems suspected to be cannabis were discovered. A further search was conducted a short distance away and more of the suspected narcotic was found.”

They were taken to the Beterverwagting Police Station, ECD, where the cannabis was weighed and amounted to 118 grams and 69 grams, respectively.

Investigations continue.


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