9 Senior prison officers promoted


Nine senior officers of the Guyana Prisons Service (GPS) have been promoted to various ranks.

This follows the approval from Minister of Home Affairs, Hon, Robeson Benn after the Prison Directorate had recommended the promotion.

Four officers (Mark Smith, Olivia Cox, DeorajGyandat and Kofi David) have been promoted to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Prisons whereas SeonCharles, David Shepherd and Christine George have been elevated to the rank of Superintendent of Prisons.

The promotions have also seen two officers (Maxine Mourant and Michelle Boyce) moved to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Prisons. 

Meanwhile, Minister Benn, who delivered an address at the presentation of instruments to the promoted Prisons Officers earlier today (November 18, 2022) says there is need for more professionalism and empathy in Guyana’s prison system.

The minister congratulated the promoted officers and enjoined them to do their best because “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

Further, the Minister acknowledged the many challenges facing the Prison System. However, Minister Benn said it is the Government’s responsibility to rehabilitate inmates and ensure they are equipped to contribute to society upon their release.

Additionally, Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot also expressed congratulations to all the promoted officers.

Mr. Elliot advised the newly promoted officers that a higher level of service, leadership and professionalism is now required. 

Ms. George is the longest serving member of the GPS with 34 years of service, while Ms. Cox is the first female rank to achieved that rank.


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