APNU/AFC calls Government’s lastest COVID -19 measures ‘authoritarian ‘


Acting Leader of the Opposition Roysdale Forde in a press release has taken note of the new COVID-19 measures gazetted by the installed PPP regime which now require that any person who wishes to enter public buildings, privately owned businesses, schools and places of worship must be vaccinated or provide a negative PCR test taken within the past seven days.

“This measure is wholly authoritarian. It effectively mandates and imposes vaccination on every citizen.

This measure runs contrary to all the tenets of personal liberties including an individual’s freedom of conscience as enshrined in Article 147 of the Constitution. This measure represents the erosion of the rights of the citizens and imposes executive tyranny on the citizens of Guyana. Further it underlines that the PPP regime remains without a plan to combat the spread of COVID-19 and is implementing ad hoc, arbitrary and whimsical measures designed to advance profiteering and which completely disregard the rights of citizens.

Countries throughout CARICOM have pointedly refused to adopt measures that the PPP is bullish in implementing. We call on the PPP to immediately rescind this onerous and unconstitutional measure and immediately engage in an emergency all stakeholders forum to chart a prudent and responsible National COVID-19 Management Plan.

The APNU+AFC, as the elected representative of more than 50% of Guyana’s electorate remains ready and willing to contribute. Indeed it is obligatory that our involvement is treated with the highest priority.

We call on the PPP to take note of the decision of the Prime Minister of Jamaica, who has engaged the Leader of the Opposition there to meet on the issue of the rampant spread of COVID in that country.

We call on the PPP to follow suit post haste. The PPP must immediately cease and desist from the wild and reckless approach it has adopted which only benefits its acolytes and financiers and leaves the people of the nation isolated, locked out and vulnerable.


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