– Glenn Lall and Adam Harris named as defendants.


Following the damning revelations by Kaieteur News Publisher of an alleged murder plot by Attorney General Anil Nandlall, the Minister of Legal Affairs has filed a lawsuit against Glenn Lall and Adam Harris, who serves as the editor. The Attorney General has filed a lawsuit of $30M for libel contained in an article carried in Lall’s Newspapers. The article was headlined “Attorney General reveals plan to hit Glenn Lall, Kaieteur News”.

According to the Government Information Agency, the civil action filed in the High Court yesterday, Tuesday, October 28 revealed that the attorney general is seeking damages in excess of $10M for libel contained in the headline, $10M for the libel contained in the article and aggravated/exemplary damages in the sum of $10M.

The saga began with the Publisher of Kaeiteur News, Glenn Lall, handing over a recording to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, containing a conversation between Nandlall and a senior reporter of Kaieteur News. It is during this conversation that the alleged threats were made to the publisher’s presumed safety. The AG has since admitted to the recording but is adamant it has been modified to reflect a different idea. The Government of Guyana has already debunked calls for resignations and has pledged it support for its Minister who others are arguing has brought great disrepute to that office.


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