Baby boy dies in unknown circumstances in Region 7


A two-month-old baby boy has died in unknown circumstances in Region 7.

Police in the Division is investigating the death of Telson Williams. So far, the lawmen are treating the infant’s death as unnatural.

The 2-month-old reportedly died on January at about 17:00 hours in the vicinity of Boa Falls, Middle Mazaruni River while in the care of his mother who hails from Diamond, EBD but operates a land dredge at Semang Backdam.

According to the 23-year-old mother- Vickasey Gilmore, her child was in good health. However, on the 28th of January, she went to Semang to tend to her dredge with him. The woman told police the next day while bathing the child, she observed a whitish substance oozing from his ear. The woman told police said the following day she took the child to Issano Health Post but upon arrival, it was closed. Contact was made with the Chief Health Worker Ridley Joseph who advised that the child be taken to Bartica Hospital the following day.

His mother however went away to Semang Landing and while on the way she said the child became motionless.

The body is presently lying at Issano Health Post awaiting transportation to Bartica to conduct a P.M.E.


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