Businessman, spouse nabbed by cops for ganja in garbage bag


A West Coast Demerara (WCD) businessman and his wife are now in the lockups after the cops swooped down at their residence and unearthed a large quantity of marijuana (ganja) in a garbage bag that was stashed inside of a blue plastic barrel.

The discovery was made around 05:30h on Sunday (today) in Crane village, WCD, when the cops, who were acting on information received, conducted a search on the couple’s premises in their presence.

According to a police statement, during the search of the lower flat of the building, the businessman opened a blue plastic barrel and when the cops investigated its contents they found one (1) black garbage bag.

HGP Nightly News understands that inside of the garbage bag, there were three (3) bulky transparent plastic parcels containing cannabis leaves, seeds and stems.
When the businessman was told of the offence and while under caution, he reportedly told the police “Is me weed. Don’t involve me family”.

The police also stated that a further search was then carried out at the back of the couple’s yard where they noticed a white container with dirt and a two (2) and a half (½) feet cannabis Sativa plant underneath of a Goldenapple tree.

The businessman was shown the said plant and told of the offence where he allegedly admitted to the police that it was his plant.

He also reportedly stated in his admission that “is me plant don’t involve me family.”

The police statement added that the businessman and his wife were arrested and escorted to the La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station, West Bank Demerara (WBD)along with the narcotics and cannabis plant “where in their presence the suspected cannabis was weighed and it amounted to 4,236 grams, the suspects were placed into custody pending further investigation.”


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