The clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs, has denied that he has sent a correspondence to the leader of the opposition confirming the validity of the December 21st confidence vote. Javone Vickerie Reports.

Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs was prompted to respond to an article published in the Guyana Times newspaper which suggested that he had certified the validity of the no-confidence vote and that he had said that the decision will not be reviewed.
In a statement issued on Monday, Mr. Isaacs said: I wish to refer to the Guyana Times article of 28th December 2018, captioned `No-confidence vote certified, will not be reviewed –
Clerk of House’ and to state that the excerpt of the article which refers to the Clerk is erroneous and misleading to the public. I reject it outright. As a matter of fact, the article should be recanted and an apology should be issued.
Opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo had hinted during a press conference on December 24 that he had received correspondence from Mr. Isaacs in relation to the outcome of the confidence vote.

Mr. Isaacs further stated: I want to make it clear that I have never confirmed the validity or invalidity of the passage of the no-confidence motion. Additionally, my statement that it is not my duty to conduct a review of the passage of the no-confidence motion was misconstrued and misrepresented in the article. I simply meant that a review of a no-confidence motion that was approved is outside my jurisdiction.
As Clerk of the National Assembly, I am required, by practice, to send resolutions to the movers of motions. This is what I did in the case of the no-confidence motion.


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