Cousins Found at House in Eccles, Reportedly Picked up by Taxi Driver


Nightly News was able to confirm that the two pre-teen cousins who were reported missing by relatives were found in a house in Eccles, East Coast Demerara. Following social media posts, the family told Nightly News that someone called and informed them that she saw the girls in Eccles.

11-year-old Sabreen Singh and 12-year-old Natoya Tina Boodhoo were last seen on Tuesday playing along Trench Road, Albouystown. Relatives said that surveillance cameras in the area reportedly caught the two girls running away from something around 5:00 pm on Tuesday.

Relatives say that the girls were allegedly picked up by a taxi driver and taken to Eccles. The were taken to the hospital after they were picked up in Eccles.


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