The family of a fisherman who is still missing at sea says they are praying for only good news. The 33-year-old missing fisherman reportedly couldn’t swim. Here are the details in this report from Javone Vickerie.

In surveillance video seen here, 33 year-old Navishwar Karamdatt also known as“Sharma”, a seaman of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, slips and falls overboard while attempting to throw a fishing basket into the water to catch fish. Karamdatt’s fellow crew member almost suffers the same fate, but manages to hold on without falling over board. The authourities however told Nightly News that the captain and crew were taken into custody and questioned. However, the family of Karamdatt, who requested their identities be withheld, said despite the accident at sea, they’re still hopeful that he would return home tohis wife and son for Christmas. Karamdatt’s wife said her husband, despite beinga fisherman for more than 16 years, could not swim.

The missing fisherman’s wife explained that while her husband was at it sea, she never feared for him and the dangers he faced while plying his trade in deep waters.

Mother of the missing fisherman says that the family has been receiving little information on the investigation and the search for her son. Despite this, she is still hoping for the best.

The captain in his statement to the police said, that about 10:00hrs last Wednesday, he was piloting the vessel when he heard shouts of “man overboard, man overboard”. He said he saw the missing fisherman drifting away from the vessel. He claimed he immediately turned around the vessel but was unable to get to Karamdatt in time. The Captain recounted that despite efforts by other members of the crew, Karamdatt was already submerged and did not emerge. He claimed they were about 100 miles out at sea when the accident occurred.


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