The Opposition Leader is characterizing Wednesday’s crucial meeting with President Granger as a good one. He says they were given assurances that the President and his team are willing and ready to work with the Opposition. Handell Duncan has been following this story for us.

A few hours after President David Granger and his team met with Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo and his team, a press conference was hosted at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. Jagdeo who led the press engagement said overall it was a good first meeting.

At the end of the meeting, Anil Nandlall and Irfaan Ali remained along with a team from the Government’s side at the Ministry of the Presidency to draft a joint communique to be issued. It must be noted that the meeting was premised on the consequences following the successful passage of that No-Confidence Motion against the Government in the National Assembly on December 21.

According to Jagdeo, on arrival at the Ministry of the Presidency, the President submitted a prepared agenda to them.

The Opposition Team sought clarity from the President on whether the filed Court Cases will be withdrawn.

The Opposition leader suggested that both sides approach the court and suggested that the court matter be held continuously and expeditiously. That suggestion was reportedly agreed upon. On the question of GECOM’s readiness for the holding of General and Regional elections, the two Chief Whips are to lead discussions with GECOM. In the meantime, the PPP is preparing for elections.


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