• Vreed- en- Hoop Subvention latest target


Once again the theft of power cables is being reported, however in this instance, the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) is claiming that millions of dollars in copper cable miraculously disappeared. The incident is said to have occurred over the weekend at the company’s subvention a Vreed-en- Hoop. Officials of the power company confirmed that 260 feet of “400mm square XLPE Copper red cable” was stolen and the company is offering a reward for related information.
“As a matter of fact a reward will also be offered for any information leading to persons involved in any theft of GPL materials,” one official declared.
Anyone with information pertaining to any theft from GPL is asked to make contact with any of the following numbers: 600-7442, 600-1586, 603-7515 or 226-4058.


Many persons have already faced the courts for stealing copper and GPL has been among the hardest hit by persons committing these offences. The US$30M power plant at Vreed-en-Hoop is expected to increase generating capacity from a current 87 megawatts to 106 megawatts in Demerara.


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