– At least 6 persons dead as a result.


At least six people were killed as heavy rains pounded the northern and western sections of Haiti, according to the Departmental Coordinator of Civil Protection- Nadia Lochard. Lochard said the rains, which have since forced the cancellation of several flights to Cap Haitien, were responsible for a wall collapsing on a house in Fontamara killing three children, ages six to 10 years. The children’s mother was also injured during the incident.

In the north, three other people were also killed as a result of the tumultuous weather. The authorities said the body of Danielle Saint-Hilaire was found on Monday, while 40-year-old Exza Jean-Baptiste was electrocuted in the community of Limonade. The authorities also found the body of 64-year-old Jaccius Saingulier.

They said the extent of the damage in areas such as Limonade, Cap-Haïtien, Grande-Rivière-du-Nord, Limbé, Petite-Ance and Fort Saint-Michel, has not yet been finalised, but initial reports are indicating that at least 2,000 houses have been flooded and some destroyed.

Extracted and modified from Caribbean 360


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