Words of extreme disgust spring out of the mouths of the Guyana Cricket Board members, over recent selections by the CWI.  Samuel Gillis has more in this report.

The Guyana cricket board in times past had expressed their dissatisfaction with the general management in selecting cricketers to play in the West Indies team, now again they are labeling CWI’s selection panel, headed by Courtney Browne as lopsided and illogical.

The administrators arranged 2  two-day tour matches to be held on January 15th  16thand January 17th& 18thprior to the First test. 

The questions by GCB to the selection panel, are, why? Why the haste in selecting the team 8 days in advance of a very important series at home? The second tour match was slated to conclude on Jan 18th, a clear 5 days before the First Test. 

Why the team was not selected at the end of the 2ndtour match? 

It is the GCB’s strong belief that all teams should be selected based on Performance, Fitness, Form, Attitude, Aptitude, Team Balance, Ground Conditions, Commitment, Training and a few other reasonable subjective considerations, these criterion, the GCB says are their yard stick and have been for years, and are reaping success. 

What do we tell our players they asked, who have displayed year-round commitment and dedication coupled with outstanding performances when they are constantly being sidelined?

GCB argues that the whole principle of the franchise system was geared to improve the standard of regional cricketers and that all players deserve a fair run in the team, especially in this era of shortened series of just 2 and 3 test matches.

The GCB observed that Jaguars’ players seem to be discarded by the selection panel after just 2 or 3 tests and the Guyana cricket board cannot say yes to this.  


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