The Opposition is highly receptive of the decision by the Chief Justice to hear the No-Confidence matters speedily. At the same time, the party foresees the matters ending up at the Caribbean Court of Justice. More in this report from Handell Duncan.

The Chief Justice is on record stating that she intends to have all the matters before her relative to the No-Confidence Motion conclude by the end of January. 

On Thursday, Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo expressed delight at the decision by the Chief Justice to have the matters heard expeditiously. The Opposition has great confidence that the courts will deal with the matter. 

As it stands, if the Government’s side wins the case in the Court, the Opposition intends to further the matter to the Caribbean Court of Court; and it is the belief of the Opposition that if the Government loses, the matters will be taken to the CCJ.

Once at the CCJ, the Opposition has an expectation that the matters will be speedily heard. The matters before the court seek to annul the No-Confidence vote while the dual citizenship of Persaud is being challenged.

At this time on the PPP’s side, Gail Teixeira and Adrian Anamyyiah are known to have dual citizenship status, according to Jagdeo. On the Government’s side there are sitting MPs also with dual citizenship including Business Minister, Dominic Gaskin.    


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