Home Affairs Minister condemns Mayor for Blocking Police from removing Vendors


Please see the full press release-

The Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Robeson Benn, M.P, hereby, condemns in the strongest possible terms, the actions and the words of the Mayor of Georgetown, Ubraj Narine, in preventing the police from conducting their lawful duties in respect of the removals of vending huts, carts, caravans and stalls illegally placed and impeding along the main access road into the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Last night’s antics and public expressions of the Mayor in this incident, were totally uncalled for and could have been resolved in a more dignified manner. The Mayor, however, has completely disregarded his Oath of Office and has forgotten that the call to service is one that collectively and individually requires upholding the oath of office, and more importantly, understanding the development shift and the development priorities. First, to the municipalities and town councils and importantly also, to the macro development agenda of the Government.

Additionally, the statements made by the Mayor about H.E President Mohamed Irfaan Ali, are outrageous, egregious and warrant legal interventions from the relevant authorities. Ubraj’s remarks drive with envy, malice, and religious and racial hatred.

I call on the Mayor to resign or for his removal for these very reasons.

The Police have been requested to review the antics and utterances of the Mayor for breaches of the peace and the law.

It is my view that the actions and words of the Mayor go a long way in explaining the deplorable state of the city of Georgetown, it’s critical public spaces and even the condition of City Hall and the services provided to citizens and visitors.

I call on every person to publicly disassociate themselves from the hurtful words and actions of the Mayor, which could only have been intended to promote racial and religious disharmony, the continuation of the illegal occupation of spaces in the city, and the violence which it promotes.

It should perhaps come as no surprise that the decline in management, behaviour and conditions of the City of Georgetown continues under another APNU/AFC leader.


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