Laborer stabbed to death by his common-law wife at Golden Grove


40-year-old Michael Wilson, a laborer of Lot 109 Sideline Dam, Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara, was allegedly murdered by his 30-year-old wife.

The incident occurred around 08:15 hrs this morning (Monday, October 10th) at the above address.

Inquiries disclosed that the victim and suspect are common-law partners, have lived together at the address mentioned above for the past two years, and occupied the upper flat of a two-story concrete building. Domestic problems existed between them, and the deceased frequently accused the suspect of being unfaithful and would physically and verbally abuse her.

During an argument yesterday (Sunday), the victim told the suspect that she was ending their relationship and would return to her parent’s house.

At around 08:00hrs today, the suspect and Michael Wilson were at home when they got into a violent argument while the suspect was packing her belongings to move out of their home.

Armed with a knife, the victim assaulted the suspect and cut her on the left forearm.

The suspect disarmed him and dealt him two stabs to his abdomen. An EMT was summoned, and they arrived at the scene and escorted the deceased to the GPHC, where he was admitted to the Emergency Unit in an unconscious state and subsequently died while receiving treatment.

The suspect was escorted to the Nabacalis Hospital by the police, where she was seen by a doctor and was subsequently taken to the GPHC by EMT, where she remains under police guard.


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