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Labourer found dead with stab wounds after scuffle at Soesdyke bar

A 40-year-old labourer was found dead on Sunday morning at the Soesdyke/Linden Highway Junction, East Bank Demerara (EBD), hours after he was involved in a confrontation with three men at Ragu Sports Bar.

The dead man has been identified as Yoel Valenzuela of Timehri. The Guyana Police Force’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said that the murder occurred at about 04:30h by three suspects.

Investigations so far revealed that at about 20:00h on Saturday, Valenzuela, his son John Valenzuela, 17, his cousin Ameria Campo, 34 and John Campo, 21, went to Ragu Sports Bar at Soesdyke, where they were imbibing alcohol.

According to the CCU, one of the suspects, known to the witnesses, approached Valenzuela, and an argument ensued.

Valenzuela’s son confronted the suspect, and an argument ensued between them. The 17-year-old son pushed and cuffed the suspect to his mouth.

In the company of other friends, the suspect confronted the now-man man and his relatives. Valenzuela and his relatives ran out of the bar, followed by the suspects.

The 40-year-old labourer ran south of Soesdyke Public Road and turned up the Highway, followed by the suspects, while his son Ameria and John ran further up the road, followed by friends of the prime suspect.

A 32-year-old self-employed man of Kuru Kururu claimed that around 05:30h on Sunday, he went to urinate at the Soesdyke Junction when he saw the lifeless body of Yoel.

He reported the matter, and investigators visited the scene and examined the man’s body, where a wound was seen above the left ear, and another was seen on the right back. The area was checked, and what appeared to be blood stains were seen.

One suspect is in Police custody. Police are looking for the other suspects as investigations continue.



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