Minister Croal reiterates Silicia City Plan at UN


Guyana’s Minister of Housing and Water, Collin D Croal, while addressing the United Nations reiterated on plans to create Silica City- the brainchild city of President Irfaan Ali.

At the High Level Meeting of the General Assembly which sought to assess the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, Minister Croal stated that “Since our capital city, Georgetown, is located below sea level, we are establishing a new city called Silica City, in an area that will not be vulnerable to the threats faced by Georgetown. This will serve as a progressive model for other similar developments.”

Earlier in the year, it was Minister Croal, that announced that some 3,800 acres of land was identified for immediate development of the new Silica City in the vicinity of the Soesdyke-Timehri area.

In addition, While addressing challenges faced in this sector, the Minister stated that government at the same time has been able to yield many successes. He underscored that over the last two decades, Guyana has seen a continuous reduction in the ratio of the urban population to the total population; and a reduction in rural-urban migration as development in rural areas has accelerated.

“This is due in part to the implementation of an ambitious country-wide housing programme, premised on a number of key actions, including countrywide distribution of house lots, the development of new housing schemes and improving access to finance for low-income earners.” He said.

He went on to say that “Our Government is focused on further transforming Guyana, through the application of globally
established principles of sustainable development. Our Low Carbon Development Strategy 2030 elaborates priorities to stimulate growth in a sustainable manner. ‭ ‬This includes implementing Sustainable Planning and Urban Development policies that address some of the challenges in urban areas, including improper solid waste disposal, flooding and inefficient modes of transit.”

He also made a call for funding.

“Guyana underscores the need for adequate financing for the full implementation of the New Urban Agenda, including through international partnerships. We affirm‭ ‬ our‭ ‬ commitment to the objectives of the New Urban Agenda and to maintaining a constructive and innovative approach to issues of urbanization.”


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