New Protocols Established Following Chaos at “Badderation” show- No more Glass Bottles, Metal Detectors, scanners to be employed


One of the most highly anticipated events for the Genesis and Utopia costume band launch- the ‘Baderation’ dancehall concert which featured trending Jamaican Artiste Skeng (real name Kevaun Douglas) ended in pandemonium in the National Park after some patrons began throwing bottles and firing bullets into the air.

This led to ‘Baderation’ coming to an abrupt end.

In multiple videos that emerged from the event, Patrons were seen running for their lives as gunshots rang out. There was reports of multiple thefts committed on persons in attendance of the show. A citizen even reported that the Banks Bar, which was stationed at the event was robbed by patrons.

Following the chaotic show, the Commissioner of Police (acting) Mr. Clifton Hicken, sought to address “ the breach of security and subsequent discharge of gunshots” at the ‘Baderation’ dancehall concert.

Among those present at the meeting were Deputy Commissioner ‘Administration’ Mr. Calvin Brutus, Deputy Commissioner ‘Operations’ Mr. Ravindradat Budhram; Head of Special Branch Mr. Errol Watts, Commander for Regional Division 4 ‘A’ Mr. Simon McBean, CCU Head Mr. Mark Ramotar; and promoter of the ‘Baderation’ concert Rawle Ferguson from the Hits and Jams Entertainment Company.

Police headquarters noted that “The security posture (and lack thereof) at the event was discussed and recommendations were made for strict compliance prior to the hosting of any other such events in the future.”

During there meeting, it was discussed that there needs to increased Stakeholders approach – with promoters, members of the Fire Service, GRA, and the Police as well as Increased Police posture in partnership with the Private Sector.

Among other measures instituted-beverages in bottles are now prohibited- only plastic cups and bottles will be allowed moving forward.

There will also be Improved security search, with metal detectors and scanners employed.


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