Opposition Leader pledges support to GCCI on National Vaccination Drive


Statement by the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry on Meeting with Leader of the Opposition and other Parliamentary Opposition Representatives:”The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) today, November 2, 2021, met with the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Joseph Harmon, and other Parliamentary Opposition Representatives to discuss the Opposition Leader’s office support for the National Vaccination Drive. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastation globally, impacting the public health of citizens in an unprecedented fashion and having deleterious effects on livelihoods and economic welfare. The GCCI recognizes the importance of the citizens being inoculated against the novel Coronavirus and acknowledges vaccination as the best method to preserving life and restoring some degree of normalcy in daily life. It is with this in mind that the Chamber of Commerce requested a meeting with the Honourable Leader of the Opposition with the intention of a commitment from him to using his good office to encourage Guyanese citizens to be vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus. In the meeting, the GCCI was encouraged to hear Mr. Harmon pledge his support for the National Vaccination Drive. We look forward to seeing his office publicly encouraging, and promoting through deliberate action, vaccination of Guyanese citizens.”


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