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Opposition Parliamentarian calls on govt to arrest crime situation in Guyana

Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Geeta Chandan-Edmond, has called on the Ali-led Administration to arrest the crime situation in the country and restore calm and peace.

This call by Chandan-Edmond comes one week after the Guyana Police Force (GPF) announced a 12.6 per cent decrease in serious crimes except for murder and days after the US Department of State’s- Bureau of Consular Affairs warned its citizens to reconsider travelling to Guyana due to crime.

“There is nothing being done at the policy level that can induce confidence among the people,” Chandan-Edmond said in a statement on Wednesday night. 

“To date, the Guyana Police Force remains highly politicized, there is no crime plan, the Ministry of Home Affairs has no clue, and criminal justice system is on its knees,” the Opposition Parliamentarian remarked.

In the travel advisory, the US Department of State’s- Bureau of Consular Affairs placed Guyana – the fastest growing economy in the world – in a level three category, which is one step away from a ‘do not travel’ warning. 

The advisory noted that violent crimes, including murder and armed robbery, are common, especially at night, and the Police Force lacks the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents.

“Coupled with this, the United States had no choice but to issue a general advisory to US citizens on the crime situation in Guyana. We cannot boast of any prosperity or development if it is all premised on the lack of security.”

To this end, Chandan-Edmond, who is also an Attorney-at-Law, posited that Guyanese must be safe and secure in their homes, communities, villages and towns.

She noted that it is the responsibility of the State to formulate and articulate clear and consistent policies to ensure citizens’ security.

The murder figures for 2023 have climbed to a whopping 37 per cent for 2023. As for firearm seizures, there was a 13.3 per cent increase.



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