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Georgetown Hospital performs first-ever breast reconstruction surgery

The Georgetown Public Hospital, in collaboration with the British Foundation for International Reconstructive Surgery and Training (BFIRST), on Tuesday conducted the first-ever breast reconstruction surgery.

The procedure, which was done using the tissue reconstruction technique, was successfully performed on a 54-year-old patient who conquered breast cancer 20 years ago.

In a Facebook post,  the hospital dubbed the surgery a “groundbreaking achievement in the field of medical reconstruction.”

The local surgical team, led by Dr Shilindra Rajkumar, worked to make the life-changing surgery possible.

The team from BFIRST, including Drs Maniram Rhagbir and Naveen Cavale, lent their expertise and support to ensure the surgery’s success.

The medical institution said that through years of research, dedication, and unyielding commitment to patient care, it was able to achieve this surgical milestone that brings hope to countless individuals who have faced similar challenges.

“This groundbreaking achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the collective efforts of everyone involved!

The successful surgery marks a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation between medical institutions across borders. It also strengthens our resolve to continue pushing boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and delivering the best possible care to our patients at GPHC.”

To this end, the hospital said that as it celebrates this achievement, they are reminded of the incredible potential that lies within our local medical community.

“Together, we will continue to strive for excellence, providing cutting-edge healthcare and transforming lives in ways we once thought were impossible,” the hospital concluded.



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