Parika Facade man chopped to death as brother witnesses brutal killing


Police are now hunting for four identifiable males after brutally killing Trevor Allen of Parika Facade on October 31. According to the Police, Trevor Allen and his brothers were imbibing at a shop in the Parika area, when the victim got into a heated argument with a known male who is one of the suspects.

As a result, the known male held on to the victim and dealt him a cuff to his face, which resulted in a scuffle between them.

Shortly after the other three suspects came armed with cutlass and knives and dealt the victim several stabs and chops to his face and body.

The victim’s brother, Harvey Allen, attempted to rescue him and received a chop to his back, which caused him to seek refuge in the nearby canal where he watched the suspects continue to assault his brother.

The suspects then armed themselves with bricks and began to pelt at Harvey Allen who was raising an alarm continuously.

Persons in the area summoned the police, but upon arrival, the suspects had already made good their escape on foot in different directions.

On arrival at the scene the body of the deceased was seen lying motionless and was examined where five stab wounds were seen on the abdomen area and a chop wound to the forehead.

The body was then escorted to Leonora Cottage Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival and further escorted to Ezekiel Funeral Home where it awaits post mortem examination to determine the cause of death.

Investigations are continuing.


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