The police action in search of barbering chairs and other equipment at the home of an APNU+AFC official is being questioned in so many circles as some police ranks will be hauled before the courts. Find out more in this report from Travis Chase.

Meanwhile, Former President David Granger and Leader of the PNCR said that the actions of ranks of the Guyana Police Force, who blatantly disregarded an order of the court and unlawfully entered the premises of Mr Christopher Jones; arrested him and illegally seized personal property must be stoutly condemned and immediately investigated.

The PNCR will not allow this type of harassment of former public servants or any citizen by agents of the state to stand. The PNCR calls on all Guyanese to join us to strongly condemn this abuse of state power and the persecution of an innocent man.

The PNCR calls for an immediate end to harassment and politically inspired ‘witch-hunting’ of current and former public servants.
The PNCR stands firmly with Mr Christopher Jones and will do everything to ensure that his rights and freedom are no longer violated.


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