Rise in COVID-19 cases due to complacency -Min. Anthony


Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, MP, has warned persons against becoming complacent, as there has been a steady increase in COVID-19 cases, with more persons being hospitalised. Earlier this week, Minister Anthony during one of the COVID-19 daily updates said, “We have had a steady increase in cases, so, today we have seen an additional 152 new cases across the country and to date we have 1,695 cases that are active. So, this is showing us that we have an upswing of cases and we have to take extra precaution now. I think people have become a little bit complacent, not adhering strictly to the measures, not going out to get vaccinated and protecting themselves.” He said persons must continue to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines and become more vigilant in order to decrease the spread of the disease. The Minister is also reminding the public to continue wearing masks in public spaces, sanitise frequently and practice social distancing.

As of Friday August 27, Guyana has recorded 103 new COVID-19 cases with 22 persons being in the ICU.

Rooms should be properly ventilated and masks must be worn correctly, covering both nose and mouth, the Minister reiterated. “These measures, they are simple measures that one can take to make sure that you prevent…getting infected with COVID-19. Some people, they do the measures but they do them in a very sporadic manner, that doesn’t work, if you’re going to do them you have to do it consistently.” Minister Anthony said there has been an increase in persons taking the vaccines, however Guyana is still a long way from herd immunity, as such he is urging persons to be vaccinated.

“Vaccination works. They are safe, they’re effective, and we have enough vaccines for people here so what we want to urge people to do, make sure you get your vaccines. If you didn’t get a first dose by now, please come, they’re still first doses available, come to one of our sites you can get that first dose. And if you have taken a first dose and you need a second dose, that is available as well.”


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