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Security guard allegedly shoots coworker

On Thursday, at the Ramada Princess Hotel on the East Bank Demerara Junior Mohan, a 30-year-old security guard was shot by his co worker- a 27-year-old security guard during an altercation.

According to the police report, both the suspect and victim are employed by a security service which is located on Sheriff Street Georgetown and contracted by the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino.

The suspect is a supernumerary constable and Thursday around 15:50hrs, “both the victim and suspect were on duty standing to the north of the main entrance which faces west when they had a disagreement over the cars parked in the driveway” a press release noted.

According to reports, the suspect got annoyed and pulled out his firearm (a Glock 19 Pistol which had 10 live matching 9mm rounds of ammunition) and discharged a round hitting Mohan on his leg just over the knee.

A Police Corporal who was performing duty at the said Hotel at the time arrested the suspect and took possession of the firearm.

The scene was processed and one 9mm spent shell was found at the scene. The CCTV camera was viewed and a footage of the shooting was seen.

Several persons in the area were questioned and some gave oral statements as to what they heard. The victim was escorted to the city hospital where he underwent immediate surgery while the firearm and ammunition was marked and lodged with the station sergeant at Providence Police station.

A video interview was conducted with the suspect.

Further investigations are ongoing.



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