Security guard chopped about body by two unknown men


Swayn David-a 26-year-old security guard of Wismar Linden, was chopped about his body by  two unidentified males with cutlasses on Thursday, about 04:30 hrs at Saint Aiden’s Primary School Blueberry Hill Wismar.

According to police report, the security guard was sleeping in the guard hut when he felt a chop to the back of his head. He then observed one of the suspects standing over him with a cutlass, who dealt him another chop to his forehead. As he managed to exit the guard hut he was then confronted by the other suspect who chopped him on his left hand. He told police that he managed to escape from his assailants, and went to the Wismar Hospital Complex where he was later transferred to the Mackenzie Hospital. While being at the institution, he was seen and examined by the doctor on duty and was later referred to Georgetown Public Hospital. His condition was regarded as serious but stable.According to reports from the police, it is unclear at this stage to determine what is the motive behind this incident. The investigations continue.


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