Many of the small political parties that contested in the March 2 General and Regional Elections have made calls for acceptance of the results deriving out of the more than 33-day recount process.

Dr. Vishnu Bandhu of the United Republican Party declared that the final results should be accepted based on an affirmative response provided by agents of both major political parties leading up to the elections, following concerns raised by the URP to the Guyana Elections Commission.

“… it was explained by the URP that the administrative methods used by the commission did not present a level playing field to the smaller political parties contesting the elections. Representatives of both the major political parties represented on the commission said that the electoral management is solid.”

Therefore, the final results should be accepted by both parties said Bandhu. URP deems the recount process as credible since the party fielded agents at all 12 of the recounting stations at the Arthur Chung Conference Center (ACCC).

“If both parties agreed to the recount and the recount shows that the elections were credible then the results should be accepted and the winner declared.”

Meanwhile, the New Movement Party in a recent statement has called on Guyanese to “resist the urge” of political confrontations. The party stated that protests or any other method distant from the rule of law in an attempt to resolve their dissatisfaction with the “numerical victory of the PPP/C” will be highly irresponsible.

“To the Guyanese People which comprise more than 60% youth, resist the urge, especially by political leaders who enjoy cordial relationships behind the scenes, to endanger your lives on the streets in confrontation with your political opposition and police in the midst of a health crisis.”

The party also encouraged that there be constitutional reform and shared governance. This, the party said will “decrease the chances of a reoccurrence of this debacle.”


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