Undercover cops Arrest man who agreed to sell Firearm


A La Parfaite Harmonie man landed himself in hot water after he agreed to sell a .38 revolver for $150,000 to an undercover policeman.

On Tuesday, ranks, acting on information received of a firearm for sale, went to 2525 La Parfaite Harmonie, W.B.D, where the undercover rank approached the man and told him he was interested in buying the firearm, and a price of $150,000 was set.

The man then left and went into his home and returned with a black plastic bag that he handed over to the rank. Upon examination it was observed to be a .38 revolver with four matching rounds of ammunition.

The man was immediately arrested and escorted to the La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station where he remains in custody.

The firearm was lodged as further investigations are ongoing.


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