170 Inmates Graduate after Completing Various Rehabilitation Programmes


Some 170 inmates from the various prisons countrywide have graduated after completing training courses in various programmes aimed at preparing them for reintegration into society.
The areas of training were in Anger Management, Agriculture, Electrical Insulation, Yoga, Tailoring, Carpentry, Joinery, Literacy, Welding, Aquaculture, Family Reconciliation, Charcoal and Culinary Arts.
During remarks at the various graduation ceremonies, Director of Prions, Nicklon Elliot said rehabilitation is a central goal of the correctional system.
Mr. Elliot further noted that the GPS established a rehabilitation programme aimed at creating an opportunity for inmates to make a smooth reintegration into society, a programme that has been successful to date.
Mr. Elliot added that the GPS remains committed to rehabilitating inmates so that they can have productive lives and not return to prison upon release.
Additionally, Officer-in-Charge of Prisons’ Welfare and Corrections, Marielle Bristol-Grant, disclosed that the department continues to adequately prepare inmates whether it is with skill or educational training so that when they are released back into society, they are productive citizens.
She expressed her hope that the inmates will continue to take advantage of these opportunities and encourage others to do the same.
Mrs. Bristol-Grant further disclosed that a total of 770 inmates had completed various training programmes thus far for the year.
Such, she said, was a commitment by the Government of Guyana and the Guyana Prison Service to rehabilitate 1200 inmates for 2022.
Inmates relatives were present at all the locations to show their support.


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