Addressing the residents of Mahdia Region eight on Wednesday, Hon. Min. of Communities, Ronald Bulkan highlighted that Potaro-Siparuni was in a disgraceful state prior to 2015.

 “Pre 2015, Mahdia was called a landing, it is now a town on the move. A town that is empowered with its own elected mayor and councillors. One that is no longer subject to the dictates from a Minister from Georgetown. Pre 2015 this region and town were neglected, now this region and town are on the move,” Minister Bulkan told the gathering at the Mahdia Oval.

In addition, Min. Bulkan noted that other regions are also being developed, specifically Mabaruma, Bartica, and Lethem.

“It is not only the Potaro-Siparuni that is moving forward, all our regions, especially our hinterland regions… President Granger plan for a strong Guyana is based on strong regions. His Excellency has made it clear that Guyana is one country and each citizen regardless of whether they live on the coastland or hinterland must have access to quality public services. For this to be achieved we need strong regions that would assist in the delivery of these services to their residents.”

He referred to Mahdia’s billion-dollar internal road network; the $114Million Moruca Bridge in Santa Rosa Region One; the $100Million Bina Hill Green Institute which is providing valuable training to youths in Region Nine and access to potable water throughout hinterland communities.

Additionally, the Minister noted that free WIFI is available to over 100 hinterland communities, radio stations established in hinterland regions, several of hinterland airstrips have been resurfaced, upgraded and extended and over 16 bridges in Mahdia alone have been rehabilitated.

“We have kept that promise, David Granger has kept that promise to invest in the hinterland… today you can travel in a car to Pamela Landing in 29 minutes… it used to take three hours if you got a special hire. You can now get to Princeville in a car in 15 minutes when it used to take over an hour.”


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