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20 year old busted with Molly, marijuana at Stabroek Market

On Wednesday during a ‘cordon-and-search’ exercise in the Stabroek Market area, a 20-year-old male of Garnett Street, Kitty was searched and transparent ziploc bags were found in his pants crotch.

The small bags contained a quantity of whitish substance suspected to be narcotics (Molly)

This occurred around 09:30 hours and 10:15 hours.

A further search was carried out on his person where (2) ziploc bags containing a qauntity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis, were found in his right side pants pocket.

He was told of the offence, cautioned, arrested and escorted to the Brickdam Police Station where the said narcotics were weighed in his presence where the 2 ziploc bags containing a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems amounted to 7 grams and the Molly amounted to 3.7 grams.

Further searches were carried out in the area where a black plastic bag was found on a chair in the Stabroek Market area. The bag contained several transparent ziploc packs with leaves, seeds and stems, suspected to be cannabis which amounted to 98.1 grams.



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