32 yr old carjacker crashes into unfinished bridge, gun and ammo found


A 32-year-old man is in custody after a failed carjacking incident on the East Coast Demerara on Sunday night. Reports are that a 29-year-old technician about 21:45hrs went to Industry where he parked and secured the motorcar on the Industry main road to relax and relax with his girlfriend in the vicinity of the Arch with his uncle’s vehicle. He then noticed a silver car drive passed and immediately reversed, then two identifiable males came out of the motorcar; one with a silver and black handgun in his hands while the other male took one twelve pennyweight gold chain valued $150,000, One gold chain valued $84,000 belonging to the technician’s girlfriend and $3,000 cash away from the suspects.
They then went over the road where they entered the victim’s car and the police approached as they were about to start the vehicle.
The victim and his girlfriend stopped the police vehicle and reported to the police what happened which led the police to give chase. The suspect was caught as he drove into the unfinished bridge at Plaisance Railway Embankment and crashed.
One silver and black handgun with serial number unknown and a magazine of 5 rounds of ammunition was found in the front passenger seat of the said vehicle.
The 32-year-old suspect was arrested and placed into custody. Investigation in progress.


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